Why Players WENT BACK to Battlefield 4 – Battlefield 1 VS Battlefield 4

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Today we’re taking a look at reasons why Battlefield 1 players are going back to Battlefield 4 (and they seem to enjoy it). Talking about differences between those two games, and different factors that might be the reasons why Battlefield 4 is better for some players. Enjoy! REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE!



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39 thoughts on “Why Players WENT BACK to Battlefield 4 – Battlefield 1 VS Battlefield 4

  1. no one play bf4 anymore;( i hate 90% of bf4 maps only i like is community operations like jungle map its epic rambo style true battlefield gameplay all other map are disgusting as fuck nothing to do with real battlefield game like bf3 bfbc2 bfbc bf2 bf2142 bf vitnam bf 1943 et 1942 all this masterpiece legendary game where the best in the world now its finished..there only 5 good map in bf4 but when we have server with people in it i realy like bf4 it still better than the fuckin crap bf1 and bf hardline and bf5 they only thing i relly like in bfV is no more stupid little orange triangle on enemy head

  2. Love the game but issues is bug shot.I always getting frustrated with this bugging thing example is when I shot and got hit at enemy like many times suddenly when enemy shoot me when I see a health enemy it says 100.Wth bro

  3. Bf3 had fully tactical maps, especially developed for gameplay. Then bf4 they kinda made the maps "beautifull" and then added cover etc. Bf1 had the same map development as bf4. Except bf4 still offered good gameplay. On bf1 I have literally recordings of me spawning and dying(not squadmates) on objectives. Also the gun balance is sht. I play support with bigger machineguns, there is no chance of wining against medics and snipers from a distance, which is perfectly normal, but youre also unable to fqing run to cover since evertwhere is overlooked and sniping is very easy(I suq at sniping on all bf games, but on bf1 even I can fuq up a squad with sniper. Behemoth and stuff is cool, makes the battle bigger, but they should compensate the other team with additional planes or tanks or something.

  4. BF4 is casual though if you want it to be you can just causally play and have fun even though you won’t do as well as the good players because there is a huge skill gap but the game was focused on team play so you guys could carry you and you would still have fun and you would have even more fun the better you got to

  5. Just gonna link this to anyone even trying to suggest BF1 is not a turd and that DICE shouldn't GIVE ME MY FUCKING MONEY BACK THAT I PAID FOR THAT PIECE OF SHIT! See OP…that's what a rant looks like:)

  6. BF 1 on pc is just plane bullshit, unchallenged 140 rank hackers, failing hit markers, failed anti cheat software, memory leaks, buggy af, FPS drops on high end systems. Hell there's free games out there that look better and feel better to play!!

  7. These days Devs know kids will play all and the media will increase popularity of any shit game no matter if it's finished or not(pubg ex.) When i look to BF4 and compare with these days games I question my self what's wrong with these days graphics you don't really see any improvement.. are they working in the background to get incomings(minecoin) etc..

  8. I honestly prefer Bf1 because it feel more like war and more realistic than bf4. The open fields, characters yelling, storms during battles, the destruction around you and smoke coming out from everywhere. Battlefield 4 felt like cod for me and bf1 is more like war with realistic sceneries/chaos.

  9. BF1 is easier to play bf4 requires something extra to play. Something skillfully. Anyone can play Bf1 that and the setting is the main reason I didn't like it. I hope the next bf ganf is either Futuristic or modern or after Nam

  10. As a Call of Duty player switching to Battlefield, the first and only Battlefield game I ever played was Battlefield 1. So I don’t know how 4 is but I loved Battlefield 1

  11. Fuck Battlefield 1 never touched it 6000 hours plus number 4 in the world in melee combat number one in the world with the carbon fiber number 350 in the world and total points I am Battlefield Battlefield 4 for life cuz you're going to fuck up everything that comes out from this point on believe that

  12. back in the day bf2 was the shit on PC then they came out with bf 2 modern combat on the ps2 online gameplay was the shit were there's us forces vs China who remembers that back in the days who ever does high fucking five

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