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Which Game Is Better? FORTNITE OR PUBG?

Fortnite is the living, action building game from the developer formerly known as Epic MegaGames. You and your friends will lead a group of Heroes to reclaim and rebuild a homeland that has been left empty by mysterious darkness only known as “The Storm”.
Band together online to build extravagant forts, find…

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44 thoughts on “Which Game Is Better? FORTNITE OR PUBG? (VOTING POLL)

  1. To everyone who are arguing, don’t. Yes I like pubg more, but that doesn’t mean I should hate people who like fortnite. I respect their opinion and everyone else’s like everyone should

  2. The PUBG v Fortnite debate is stupid. All games require skill pubg is more of a game aimed toward adults and adults obviously are more skilled at video games. And fortnite is aimed toward teens guns so either choice is an opinion and you don’t have to blurt it out to the world. Each game requires skill with building in fortnite and driving plus surviving against competitive players in pubg. Either choice is your choice and it’s your opinion on what you think on each game.

  3. I support PUBG. Coz you can play on any device. Plus it is less gigabytes when you play on your phone. But Fortnite can be play on IPhone SE, 7, 8 and X. It is 2 gigabytes. Although the gameplay is vey smooth but PUBG is more realistic and…… pricey which I don’t care

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