Top 10 Battlefield 4 Maps

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42 thoughts on “Top 10 Battlefield 4 Maps

  1. Here are mines based on fun and balance in no specific order
    1. Golmud Railway
    2. Dragon valley 2015
    3. operation outbreak
    4. Hangar 21
    5. Giants of Karelia
    6. Siege of shanghai
    7. Wave breaker
    8. Nansha strike
    9. Graveyard shift
    10. Silk Road

  2. so you pay thousands of dollars for fucking TubeAssist to make people believe you have 300K subs and your gameplays completely suck..? maybe you can check my channel to see how actual players make videos

  3. 1. Goldmud Railway
    2. Zavod 311 Graveyard Shift
    4. Propaganda
    3. Hainan Resort
    4. Siege of Shanghai
    5. Operation Metro/Locker
    6. Silk Road
    7. Operation Mortar
    8. Hangar 21
    9. Caspian Border/Lancing Dam
    10. Paracel Storm

  4. My top 10:
    10- Silk Road- Really fun with friends, and really fun with a chopper
    9- Wave Breaker- Outstanding naval map which doesn't actually require boats to be good!
    8- Dawnbreaker- Fun for everyone, no matter your play style. You can use the buildings or not, your choice!
    7- Hammerhead- Brilliant for hover tanks, Which are pivotal to the map too. Plus, it's got Levolution that actually changes how the game is played!
    6- Lancang Dam- Oooh, wow. This map is great for so many reasons. Top reason: The island in the middle gets stormed like bloody Normandy!
    5- Caspian Border 2014- A classic map revitalised in the frostbite 3 engine, and Well too. The whole map is gorgeous, and the vehicles pose a true threat! Plus, the air battles tend to remain as being air battles and leave the ground well alone.
    4- Dragon Pass- A huge map filled to the brim with goodies! Fantastic for air battles, fantastic for land battles! Plus, the river in the middle prevents random captures. CONT IN REPLY

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