This Mastercraft Is A JOKE | Black Ops 4 (Multiplayer Gameplay)

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gameplay. I’ve got the Signature Weapon Sandstorm and it’s Mastercraft Skin – Black Knight!
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40 thoughts on “This Mastercraft Is A JOKE | Black Ops 4 (Multiplayer Gameplay)

  1. This Video Is Awesome I Gotta Try This Thanks Man!

    Also Guys Im No Sub-Promoting or anything I Make B04 On My Channel Glitches Etc Really Appreciate For Some Feedback Thanks!

  2. There are only 4 signature weapons in the entire tiers for this season. One in the reserves 3 in the guaranteed. Really stupid if you ask me. I believe there are over 350 items u can get because mat mic mar got to tier 935 before completing everything which. Means after dups there is like 300 at least

  3. This whole game is actually a joke the sweats have ruined it and these variance or Mastercraft or whatever or completely stupid who cares if you unlock them through the supply stream because you have to get a few hundred headshots with the weapon to actually unlock the Mastercraft extremely stupid

  4. I have all the Black Ops games before this one, but haven't had the time or money to buy this one. Your videos have so far made up for that (some). I'm still dying to play it, but your videos definitely help feed my addition. Thank you.

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