Surviving the Final Circle Ep. 1 – Late Game Strategy Video | PUBG Mobile

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I’ve had a ton of requests for strategy videos talking through what to do if you get to the final 10 or so people, so this is the first of potentially many, hoping to provide you with insight to answer that question!

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24 thoughts on “Surviving the Final Circle Ep. 1 – Late Game Strategy Video | PUBG Mobile

  1. At use the car in the last circle or final circle is a very big mistake! It's easier use cars in gold tier or silver in last circle because it's little bit easier to kill enemie! but it's very very big mistake to use a car in final circle in crown tier ace or conqueror by using car you giveving away you're position to enemie and you gone die so easy! But i have a another tips for last circle use smokes grenade and get the Chicken dinner! And OFC all ways get cover behind a three or a rock!

  2. Desperately need some tips for final zone…I kill almost everyone when I get my akm/kr98 and scope and when the final zone comes one pussy camper kills me…fkkkkk. due to CS background I suck at camping

  3. When your playing a slightly passive game, have like 8 kills,tier 2-3 gear, down to 3 ppl left, you shoot n killing one of them the some guy with tier 1helm pops up as your killing second to last guy n he kills you. Like really? Tier 1 helm? Prob Camped all game and I was prob his only kill. My life story with last circles. I hate grass camping!

  4. 2:51
    yes tell him that ur there worn him
    dude come on this match is way too easy
    u already know the location

    what about the grass in the open situation
    first switch to the other chair
    then go out side the car
    just imagine than 1 v 1 v 1
    the enemy is just waiting for the driver to open the door not the driver to open the back door !

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