PUBG Players vs Fortnite Players

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What is the difference between PUBG players vs Fortnite Players? Are they the same type of person? What attracts people to each game?






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35 thoughts on “PUBG Players vs Fortnite Players

  1. Ok I’m a PUBG player but still hate Fortnite for its shotguns it doesn’t take that much skill to play fortnite maybe with the building but that’s it in PUBG there’s more of a thinking game like frag the guy or flash him but it might kick you in the ass after if waste it on him and there’s way more weapons that require more skill to use for example: AKM over the M416 the AKM has a slower RPMs then the M416 but you need to have reflexes and recoil control to use the AKM but it makes up for better long range and DMG for the M416 it’s faster better recoil patterns but lacks DMG major fall off DMG major bullet drop I can go on forever but I’m going stop with the guns and talk game play. You can’t be a bloody idiot run into a open area not like fortnite were you can build you have to think about your actions running though a forest is a good and a risky idea because someone can be planning on jumping on you when you least expect it but it my be a good idea for having a lot of cover for you and the team. And for the people saying that PUBG is easy to snipe well your either you’re real fucking close or you are on mobile because sniping on pc or Xbox you need to trace your shots or wait till they sit still. That’s all for now.

  2. this vid is completely biased against PUBG there are at least ten more pros about pubg and at least ten more cons about fortnite that they didnt list. Like if you agree

  3. PUBG= old people, people that wanna be cool

    Fortnite= Kids, Adults, fun because you can build and have stuff in fortnite that PUBG doesn't have

    PUBG= created before fortnite

    Fortnite= 1 month after PUBG launched

    PUBG copy fortnite because of h1z1

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