PUBG On My New Monster PC – 8700k + Titan XP

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Hey guys, just testing out Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on my new Origin PC.

PC unbox video here:

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39 thoughts on “PUBG On My New Monster PC – 8700k + Titan XP

  1. i dont have the best pc, but im getting some upgrades soon. i run pubg on 30fps on lowest graphics which honestly feels pretty good. didnt think my pc was good enough to even run it. the game is very good and for sure playable. i played pubg on mobile and recently switched to pc because of the mobile bots. i was easily dropping 15 kill dubs and i want to play the game more competitively.

  2. Your chances would have been higher with that AKM I’m sure you time to kill at CQB would be lit ,it’s good to pull her out at close ranges instead of gambling with CQB on the AR

  3. Waste of time. It’s all about optimising. I have lowest FPS at 125fps, 5.1ghz 7700k, 1080ti, sit at the 144 FPS limit the whole time. Optimised so much from NVIDIA Control Panel, as well as other parts. Learnt heaps about overclocking, really fun. Anti aliasing algos make a huge difference, learn the differences, hours of testing, logging etc. Still more to do, I love it as much as playing. Pochinki 1 man squad, lowest FPS vs two or three squads around me in firefights with me, 125fps, hacienda drops, 144fps constant the whole way through. Optimised network setup at home too, etc etc, it’s great. Love it. Even trying to optimise the latency of my audio in game, hah.

    If anyone wants the settings I’m happy to share.

  4. this game could easily overtake fortnite but the devs just dont care….why focus on pc when theres more players on xbox and ps4? the devs are only intrested in the cash,not the product! i made the mistake of buying it for xbox…it is unplayable!

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