PUBG is Coming to Play Station! (PS4 PUBG)

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PUBG PS4 Article!

Release Date!

Plus Info!

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23 thoughts on “PUBG is Coming to Play Station! (PS4 PUBG)

  1. More information about PS4 PUBG!

    -It will not be free. It will have different versions ranging from the base game at $30 to Champions Edition at $60.

    -It will require Play Station Plus

    -If you Pre-Order it you will get a Nathan Drake outfit and Ellie’s backpack

    -It has been officially announced to release December 7th, 2018 by Play Station

  2. Wow one year? Feels like years it's been out, probably due to the battle Royal popularity getting me sick of hearing about it lol. I hope it's bug free but tired of playing at 30fps

  3. Make it cross platform and free, Fortnite will see competition again. I think PUBG won’t even die at all. Older people will be playing it a lot since it’s like real shooting and knowing that it’s free you’ll get downloads everyday

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