PUBG Bullet Drop Simulator + Heat Maps – PUBG Reddit Roundup – Week 1

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29 thoughts on “PUBG Bullet Drop Simulator + Heat Maps – PUBG Reddit Roundup – Week 1

  1. Pubg bullet drop is fucking stupid. Between the absurd bullet drop and the ongoing issue of hackers I stopped playing the game. This simulator has you hold 45-50 feet over the head at 800m with a Kar98. The actual ballistics of a 7.92x57mm round are about 20 feet of drop. That's totally stupid. I want a realistic game where I'm firing bullets, not fucking rainbows.

  2. So so everyone know its region lock the website (The irony) if you want to test it you can use Google Chrome browser and download 'Hola' vpn and put it to china, once there just right click anywhere and type translate to English. You're welcome and thumbs up so everyone can see.

  3. Reshade is being banned because you can zoom in with it.
    The Zoom was added to Reshade (its called something like Fisheye vertical and Fisheye horizontal)

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