PRO TIPS – Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4 Pro Tips – I wanted to share with you some of the things we use in competitive Battlefield 4. Set nades, spawns, hold spots, movement tips etc 🙂 Leave a rating and a comment, I hope this helps out or you find it interesting at least! Thanks. Art by Berduu: CHEAP GAMES:

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49 thoughts on “PRO TIPS – Battlefield 4

  1. The problem i have with these kinda games is that its literaly impossible to aim… even in campaign mode i find it incredibly hard to effectively and smoothly aim at things with a controller, the sensitivity is either too high or too low and yet theres people with theirs obviously up the highest cuz they jerk around like a tweaker and they still instantly kill your ass…. maybe the problem is just that everyone is a no life try hard (and sober) and these games are not meant for stoners…..

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