PES 2018 VS FIFA 18 Graphics Comparison (PS4 Pro)

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With EA finally giving us a taste of one their biggest games, we decided to compare the two giants of virtual sports: PES 2018 and FIFA 18. Watch this video to see all the visual differences between these two football beasts!

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18 thoughts on “PES 2018 VS FIFA 18 Graphics Comparison (PS4 Pro)

  1. is it only me or FIFA 18 got lame graphics for 2018? theres no facial expressions at almost any player. (*but CR7 and other 3 or 4). They act like fucking plastic dolls that look like 2014 graphics! EA saving money on development

  2. fifa's graphics become better n better is just bcoz fifa hire some konami workers to work with them since 2015. majority of people prefer fifa is just bcoz fifa is fully licensed by fifa?

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