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43 thoughts on “PES 2018 REVIEW – IS IT AS GOOD AS FIFA 18?!

  1. Specitationsa re so broken. In 2017 U can even have a potato and play pes witoutlag now I cant run pes 20148 cuz of specitiactions , Only problem is grapgic and proccesor

  2. Until the makers of PES can allow the game difficulty to increase while being realistic in the game play in how the opposing team plays, then it is a game one can only enjoy on regular play & that makes it crappy after all these years. How can you play a good team while the referee is not calling foul plays on them and they are injuring all your players, but when you return the same tackle, all the fouls are called upon your players. Plus, your opponents have the advantage of having a slow fatigue level so they will run you down every second of the game & slide you from the back without getting a card from the referee. How does this reflect the professional level of the real game??? There is always a lag bar between kicking and when you actually kick, an opponent is already on you & they need to fix that. You can't seem to be and get your player to turn as you like, it is like you always have to stop running to get a player to turn in the direction that you want him to go. That isn't realistic because I never see real players have to stop running before they can turn at various angles in the game. The makers need to consult regular persons about their game play experience these things to get a better game that everyone can really enjoy it with more realism.

  3. Man, I see it just now.. Been on FIFA18 CM for so long, this looks so much better. Since FIFA shits on CM every year, I'll be switching to PES2019 most likely, as soon as there are enough updates/data packs released.

  4. PES: A lot of customization, easy to download new faces, teams, competitions, stadiums, etc.
    Better graphics.
    Much better gameplay (actually needs skills, not just spamming).

    Fifa: Extremely easy to score.
    Bad graphics.
    Potato faces forever.

  5. Yes in pes playing player in the right position matters. It will impact player performance and stats. And such. In FIFA it doesn't matter. In many ways pes is more realistic. Just the licenses is a problem.

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