PC PUBG vs PUBG Mobile w/ Emulator (Pros & Cons!)

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In today’s video we are going to be looking at playing PUBG Mobile with a Mouse and Keyboard using an Emulator and comparing that to PUBGs regular PC experience.

Now let’s get into the meat and potatoes of what this video is REALLY about, and that’s comparing using an emulator to play PUBG Mobile against Bluehole’s PC version and helping you decide which version is better suited for you.

Mobile PUBG with…

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50 thoughts on “PC PUBG vs PUBG Mobile w/ Emulator (Pros & Cons!)

  1. hey i have a aleinware 17 r4 with gtx 1070 @50 fps with 17 inches scree which one u should suggest me to buy ??? the online one or the emulater one plz tell me friemds what will be the best ??

  2. Only bad thing about the mobile version are bots… I understand why they are in there, but I heard somewhere that after level 30 they stop coming in your lobbies. I'm level 38 platnum and 30% of the lobby are bots. I mean… highest kill in a single match is 21! <thefuck

  3. Hey, just started playing the mobile version a few days ago, right now i LOVE it on emulator. But it seems super easy. Ive heard there are a ton of bots … not sure how many and at what level. Im currently still only Silver II since I dont have much time. Anybody can tell me when these bots will go away for sure?

  4. So guys which is best??

    I have Pentium g4400 3.20 ghz dual core processor , zetforce 710 ddr2 2gb graphic card and ddr4 8 gb ram can i play this tencent simulator pubg mobile in hd 50 fps pls ??????

  5. Im from India!!!

    Zotac 1060 6gb amp edition

    Pubg pc

    I play emulator coz i feel investment in hardware is one time job. But on games?
    I doubt it.

    More over emulator pubg is good i wont say it's the best but Goood!!!

    Im a stalker fan. So im playing survarium!!! For more than 3 years.

    Tried Tencent pubg mobile in pc
    Now pubg has become my favourite!!!

    I have no reason to buy pc version of pubg!!! Coz i feel emulator has just gave the feel that its so good to me!!

    At first the graphic looks so cheap and crappy!! But now after one week the game looks Fabulous to my eye!!!?

  6. The emulator is now updated with third person shooter.war is also added to it.If you put the settinga in extreme it looks so good on emulator.If the emulator had a better driving mechanism,the emulator would be worth than paying for the orginal.

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