LowSpecGamer: tips for improving performance on Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter Strike Global Offensive is serious business. Squeezing every little performance gain is a must if you want to survive, or else you will end up playing with skills comparable to mine.

DISCLAIMER: If you are in any way a decent Counter Strike player, the game footage in this video will make you facepalm many times. A facepalm counter has been added for your convenience.

Game banana FPS Boost Configuration:

Just adding “sv_forcepreload 1” to…

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48 thoughts on “LowSpecGamer: tips for improving performance on Counter Strike: Global Offensive

  1. I have a problem. My trash laptop is weak at 1.1 GHz. I can run the menu and adjust all the settings. I start to load a game but the map never loads and always chashes csgo and sometimes my entire computer. I have an acer swift with pentium n4200 (4 cores) and intel HD 505. Is there anything i can do to make the map load? I have tried many ways including setting the resolution to the lowest possibal and i still cannot load the map. I can load the single player practice world but not online. I have seen crappy computers run the game at 10ish fps in game. 20+ fps is still considered playable for me. If you could reply to this would be very thankful.

    edit, i have a solid 4GB ram and 128 videoram. I have tried but could not increase the videoram as i think my bios has some restrictions.

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