How To WIN EVERY GUNFIGHT! – Black Ops 4 (Tips & Tricks) Gameplay

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45 thoughts on “How To WIN EVERY GUNFIGHT! – Black Ops 4 (Tips & Tricks) Gameplay

  1. I literally can’t do better from the leve of inconsistency that this game has , like full health and I get 2 shot from the rampant but no matter what attachment combo I run always 20000 shots for a kill , could be all to head but I get .23 damage a shot vs everyone else having 800 damage a shot , its cancerous

  2. I'm commenting before watching the video but if you are having trouble with getting kills and you just get clapped, try tdm. Tdm has way less 10th prestige sweaty try hards then a mode like domination for example.

  3. None of this applies to quick scoping filth. If he’s within three feet of you it’s game over. Still don’t understand how this nonsense is still in the game. They can aim and fire in a microsecond? Fuck you.

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