How To Trade In CS:GO: Complete Guide

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How to trade for profit in Counter Strike 2018~



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21 thoughts on “How To Trade In CS:GO: Complete Guide

  1. How much do you think I should trade my Flip Knife Scorched MW for? I started with a Gut Blue Steel I bought for $90 (you !tk my knife at 10:16) so I’ve only made around $30 profit at this point. My ign is BeLLeH

  2. How do you trade now? At this point since the bots pay for everything, for example, katos and ch. No one is willing to offer/selling lower than what the bot is offerings.

  3. I just have a question, i am mostly in gambling, once i made some money i withraw keys and deposit in in return of 5¢ skin, currently i have 42$ in there planning to save up for a knife, i dont keep it in inventory because i feel like depositing it on gambling website and mostly lose it, so my question is, is it safe to keep money like that on ? I mean, will they scam me or anything or the site just go off? I dont have idea about these trade websites, so thats why i am asking

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