How To NEVER DIE AGAIN in COD BO4 – TIPS & TRICKS [Call of Duty Black Ops 4] Gameplay

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What’s up guys! Welcome to another Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks video! In this video I will be telling you guys some pretty neat tricks you should follow in order to get more kills. These tips should be used to raise your Kill Death Ratio (KD) in cod BO4 Multiplayer. Good luck and I hope you guys enjoy the video. If you did, make sure to drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you’re new to the channel!

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23 thoughts on “How To NEVER DIE AGAIN in COD BO4 – TIPS & TRICKS [Call of Duty Black Ops 4] Gameplay

  1. I play with R2 and L2 because i use to it and i think it’s better for me (i put my finger on it and pull it down but not to much to not shot so I get ready for fighting but L1 and R1 if you put your finger on it it will shot )

  2. Was curious to see what tips you gave. My K/D is currently 2.40 not including assits on xbox and I've already been doing all these tips you mentioned. Plus a few additional that you didnt. I notice though most peoples biggest mistake is that they just rush in to much, assuming their good or want to destroy the enemy team so bad that their constant rushing just keeps getting them screwed over. Good video though. I liked it.

  3. I want to know if anyone here legit has a higher KD than me. There’s possible like 3 out of everyone and even then I doubt it haha drop your KDs in the comments

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