How to Improve Your Aim | Pro Tips Ep.2 | Battlefield 4

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43 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Aim | Pro Tips Ep.2 | Battlefield 4

  1. Hey man thanks so much! for your advice and how to improve aim i finally found what uhmm dpi and mouse sensitive suits for me it was helpful you were also really good i've stopped playing bf4 for such a long time that i didnt notice enemies are starting to get better and i kept dying and my aim sucks and now i get it im starting to understand my aim 😀 thanks!

  2. Recently found your channel and subscribed, it's now 1 of my go to channels. Enjoyed this video on tips, I'm a gamer of, erm let's say older years, 47, my reactions are slowing down I've started to notice, also when I get in to a back rage position with an LMG on say lockers or metro I've also noticed I'm not clearing them out as I use to, picking the wrong targets (someone at the front instead of working from closest first) I always run flash hider on my LEGS so to keep of the map. I've been gaming since the Sega mega drive. Maybe it's time to hang my controller up because I can't get to grips with BF1

  3. Do you think that the pc in itself helps you play better because of it's components or do you think that the pc is not that important? In my case my pc has lots of times when I shoot or turn quickly, a very severe fps drop, and that makes it very hard for me to kill people, do you think it's my problem or my pc's problem?
    Love your videos, subscribed

  4. ive been on pc 2 months now and have also have changed my sensitivity alot. i feel sometimes i over aim or under aim or over hip fire and die lol getting better my accuracy is around 16 to 17 %on most weapons on console i got that up to around 22% a few games around 27% im struggling to achieve that on pc kind of frustrating lol ,

  5. Bruh, I've got an idea for the video. Make one about how to push C in lockers or B in metro. I already know how to but about 85% of the players that play in 24/7 locker servers are pretty much oblivious to it.

  6. Your first tip video you sound about 19-20ish (age) , in this one you sound about 15 … o0
    (did you forget to turn the bass on? lol) Decent vid though kiddo.

  7. thanks for your video. learned a lot. Can you also talk about how to fire weapon? like when to burst fire and when go to full auto for popular weapons like AEK971, Scar, ACe23? it looks like you are on full auto all time or you just burst fast? Thanks

  8. Okay I take back part of my other comment haha. Do you have a video about bursting amounts and when to use them? Have you thought of helping the community more directly with break downs of community gameplay and or kill streaks? Awesome content though sir. You even covered some things I didn't think of at all. I wish I was in your platoon.

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