How To Conquest Large – Battlefield 4 Pro Tips

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Hey guys today I thought it was time to put out a basic tips video for the ever popular game mode conquest large in BF4.

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22 thoughts on “How To Conquest Large – Battlefield 4 Pro Tips

  1. And how do i get map awarness? I know the spawns and everything but still get always shot from all angles. And when i position myself and wait for them to get out their spawn nobody comes and BAM get shot in the back. Sick and tired of playing a guessing game all the time.Knowing the spawns and using the mini map doesn't do shit for me. Enemys are always there where i don't expect them to be.Catching them off spawn never works for me. 99% of the time they are not there

  2. This game requires teamwork most of the time if not All the Time and im always have to carry my teammates to victory but all I ask for in return is support like if I req ammo/health please drop it, it helps both of us out. And If you see your teammates heli up and an enemy heli please spot the damn heli so your teammates can figure out where they at this goes same for ground troops, Spot enemys even if your out numbered the other teammates will be alerted even if they got silenced weapons, and if you dont know how to properly fly a heli or a jet dont jump in at the start of a game or at all in that manner, learn how to fly and then learn how to have dog fights or heli fights, Dont use both your heatseekers use one so they can use flare then use the other so you got the jump on em. Common sense people. You got a brain use it! I dont even need the tips I just want to adress this topic so noobs who look up tips anc tricks on bf4 can read this comment and learn how to play the damn game. And I can NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH Look at your mini map ! most games I play I see my teammates oblivious to the enemy team who are flanking and then there goes the whole team.If I dont see teamwork I just quit You dont help me out you can take that L

  3. give me an RCB on parcel storm and some good infantry I'll back them up. Give me a sky full of helis and jets, and AA tank and I'll Make that sky clear. I prefer commanding the vehicles and utilizing them

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