Halo Vs Call of Duty: Which is Better?

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Halo Vs. Call of Duty: Which is Better?

Some questions are eternal: Cats vs Dogs, Coke vs Pepsi…Halo vs Call of Duty! Which is the better game, which is the best franchise, who’s multiplayer is superior, and who’s single player campaign reigns supreme? What about weapons? What about the story? What about the t-bagging?! Welcome to and today we’ll be settling a debate that’s as old as…

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35 thoughts on “Halo Vs Call of Duty: Which is Better?

  1. Ho here agrees the person talking have never played halo or cod and just read Wikipedia and watch YouTube game play .

    Dont get me wrong i have nothing against halo and cod is just as good.

  2. I like both games. I love Halo, I've been playing it since I was five, but as I've grown up, I've started to play COD as well. And it's not that bad. I used to hate COD. I actually enjoy it now. Both games are equally good and fun to play. Like if you agree.

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