GUIDE: How to be FASTER – A collection of agility tips for PUBG

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Being fast whether it’s looting, moving, jumping or driving – is very important and can easily mean life or death.

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32 thoughts on “GUIDE: How to be FASTER – A collection of agility tips for PUBG

  1. I have an idea of dropping out of vehicles.

    You can choose where to drop on jeeps, Dacias, VWs, trucks, etc by simply choose a seat near to one side, but not on buggies and bikes since they both drops to the left by default, assuming if there's no wall or an object to the left. Accidentally dropping on the wrong side of a buggy, ex. facing a firefight, in a open field can be frustrating because you don't have a cover on that time frame.

    How about dropping out vehicles use mouse aim instead? For example, if you want to drop to the right of the vehicle, you simply aim to the right, vice versa. You can also flip the drop setting, aiming to the right makes you drop to the left, vice versa.

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