Fortnite vs PUBG

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29 thoughts on “Fortnite vs PUBG

  1. People stop being an idiots
    Just because PUBG is realistic and fortnite not. doesn’t mean its better game
    Both games are cool there is no reason to fight to see whats better game
    And if you want to hate on one of this games your just a salty kid

  2. I prefer Fortnite
    Why because it has:
    1.Flying cube island on the map
    2.Can collect metirials and build
    3.Grafics are 3D
    4.only 3 cars is shopping cart,ATV with boost,and quad qrushers with boost ^w^
    5.have jetpack but is a event so 🙁
    6.has cool skins,emote,pickaxe,glider,challenges,has a pet dosnt walk but it has on the back like a backpack for pets,loading screens,a label for your profile,balls like basketball,golfball,and a volleyball
    7. It has a playground mode so you can build with friend,battle with friend and do other stuff with friend
    8. Its free
    9.has so many grenade there are original but not look like army grenade,boogey bomb,smoke bomb,port-a-fort,plauze grenade when explode it have a air blass it Throws players and it has ver2 it dosnt deals fall damage. Thats cool!
    10. It has some battle pass on every level of battle pass has a prize only on elite but normal have but on certaint levels on level 100 you can unlocked a cool skins on every season this only for VIP or elite or pro battle pass now is season 6
    11. It has a shield potion that gives extra health there are 4 potions 1mini gives you 25shield max shield is 50 when use,2medium gives 50,3slurp juice it slowly regenerates up to 50,and finaly 4Chug-chug it gives 100 but it takes 10s to wait for finish drinking are dusty dipot gets destroyed season 4 and turns into dusty divot,halloween 2017,launcing the rocket rift,lightning cube,floating island,and gets destroyed
    Me: did i miss anything uh… tell me if there are more features on the comments
    Like for fortnite fan or if you are intrested in fortnite
    Its created by EPIC GAME you know its because its… EPIC the GAME is
    [Edit] it has a little dark cube that make you invisible for about ? Second maybe 20 seconds idk
    [Edit2] It has a little rift when you and your team go in,it teleports up high like on top of the map
    [Edit3]event: this event is big and the cube has been destroyed wanna check it out well check on Muselks channel and find tittle is"The BIGGEST Fortnite event EVER!" Omg i love that vid

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