Fortnite vs COD Blackout vs PUBG

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout vs Fortnite vs Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. Which Battle Royale game is the best of all?

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46 thoughts on “Fortnite vs COD Blackout vs PUBG

  1. Fortnite

    If I were to pick 2, Fortnite and PUBG.

    Popularity wise, well that’s so obvious.

    1. Fortnite
    2. Blackout
    3. PUBG

    Pick 2 would obviously be Fortnite and Blackout.

    I edited the comment cuz I accidentally but Obviate instead of obviously?

  2. COD4 Blackout: Drop by choppers/Landing using dropsuit and parachute/battle area part of a country/Variations of vehicles/Swim/Punch as melee attacks/Favorite characters of the franchise for cosmetic skins/forcefield with time to return to safety/No emotes/Areas with traps/tactical and enjoyable while fighting/body armor/health recovery via injection of nanobots in small quantity/death screen is just a screen with results/60.00 dlls to get it/dlc cosmetic skins cost bellow 5.00 or 10.00 dlls

    PUBG: Drop a supply military plane/landing using parachute/battle area is an island continent bigger than other BR games/variations of vehicles/swim/punch and some tools as meele attacks/PAY TO HAVE DIFFERENT CLOTHING AND SOME OTHER VARIATIONS IN COSTUME/forcefield kills in a short time/no emotes/more tactical at the moment of fighting other players/body armor/recovery is with FAK/ammo and recovery items can be shared/death turns screen into black with results/between 30.00 and 60.00 dlls to get it plus another $1000.00 TO GET MORE COSMETICS

    Fortnite: Drop by party bus/landing using a small parachute with cosmetic variations/battle area is an island continent/Just a golf car and a shopping kart to drive/cannot swim/pickaxe as melee attacks/crafting abillity/variations of cosmetics and tools earned by leveling up or buying Season Pass (below 30 dlls) or completing challanges or buy it appart (below 5 dlls)/forcefield gives time to return to safety/has emotes (buyable bellow 5 dlls)/traps can be found and set/tactical and enjoyable while fighting players/body armor is force field adquired by special drink or eating mushrooms/recovery by using bandages and aid kits and eating apples/ammo and recovery items can be shared/variations of times while healing/death screen shows results and allows players to see others with spectator mode/ITS FREE/story by discovering secrets or season events

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