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Fortnite is a game that has brought millions or players in because of its fun and different gameplay, but you may not have realized that Fortnite has a tone of lore to it. JoinThe Leaderboard as we unpack and explain the lore behind Fortnite. We will explore everything from the rocket launch to the Durr Burger appearing in the desert and much more!

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25 thoughts on “Fortnite Lore Explained – How Battle Royale Connects To Save The World | The Leaderboard

  1. My idea on the lore is that battle royale is before save the world and when the rocket caused the rift in the sky i think it created a time portal into the future. Then lightning started coming out of the rift and created the cube, a form of the storms lightning, then the fortnitemares event can be explained because of this as the cube monsters look like husks, so that could be when the storm started to turn people into husks and no one knew what they were

  2. I think they were making a superhero movie because, why not. With that the meteor shower came upon them. They used things like the prison, as places to film. It was just something that happened at the same time and it was no big deal… Yet anyways. The government however, which would be those investigator skins I'm assuming, surrounded the largest meteor which destroyed dusty depot. The visitor happened to come out of that and escape. He then looked for a way home thus wondering to the villain base for the movie, and either it was real or he built on it to become real, and activated it to try and get home. However it destroyed the island as he did this.

    If that makes sense, this is what I think happened.

  3. After the visitor crashed, a film studio thought it’d be a good idea to turn the visitor into a film, which they then proceed to make a prop rocket, and the visitor turns it into a real rocket to get back home

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