Fortnite: Best Strategy To Win (Fortnite Tips and Tricks)

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In this Fortnite Video, I Show You The Best Strategy in Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy the Tutorial and I’ll See You Guys in The Next Video!

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36 thoughts on “Fortnite: Best Strategy To Win (Fortnite Tips and Tricks)

  1. Hey guys, just want to say that I know that this gameplay is trash, I used gameplay that I recorded from when I first started playing the game a few days after it came out. If you guys have any questions or want to chat shoot me a message on Instagram or Twitter @dylanfurrow and I'll be more than happy to help you guys out 🙂

  2. ok so basically in a nut shell.. Land where you can hide all game make it till final 3 … Win 1 every once n a while and never get any actual skill at the game because u play like a pussy. So basically if you want 2 not get any better but pull out pussy wins every now and then follow this.

  3. I like going SW of Tomato Town and SE of Wailing Woods because there's loads of metal storage things and a few chests as well so if you get it all to yourself you can destroy it and get max metal (999 metal) and then you're ready for some very strong bases and forts to build later on as well as get loads of really good weapons.

  4. Arbuckle I seemed to find a good place which is were the prison is behind that on the edge of moisty mire near the ocean there’s a crab monument which I find pretty good cause you get 1 or 2 chests inside and sometimes a launchpad and after I hit that you could possiably hit the prison if not looted and then the bridge becuse it’s pretty much A line of places you can loot on the way to the safe zone and you have cover pretty much all the time

  5. i actually went to that house the first time that i played the game without watching any videos and i placed in the top 20 😀

    i only got one kill though :/

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