FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 | All 12 Completed Stadiums

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These are all the Stadiums that will host the FIFA World Cup 2018 matches in Russia. From all the 12 finished Stadiums, which one is your favourite?

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50 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 | All 12 Completed Stadiums

  1. Congratulation Russia ?? !
    Very nice, and very good preparation for 2018 W Cup.
    Actually this is the best Cup ever !
    To bad – USA ?? did not qualified . Look like US once put on themselves a gay color numbers and even captain band was as a gay flag – US team lost important games, they was cursed !

  2. Stadiums? As a Russian, I know Russia is the most dangerous threat to the world, to its neighbors, and to itself, and it has always been so. Russia helped Hitler get strong and then, together with Hitler, started World War II by attacking Poland. Then, the enslavement of Eastern Europe, from which people fled to the West and got shot while trying to flee. The Evil Empire. In the recent years it has been attacking its neighbors, killing dozens of thousands in Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, waging a hybrid war to demoralize, corrupt, brainwash and weaken the West. Too many people fail to see this emerging # 1 danger to the civilization and prefer to enjoy football of admire at the charm offensives of the criminal dictatorship, while political prisoners are dying in Russian jails and people are dying in wars unleashed by Russia, as its dictator stages publicity events to gain publicity and pocket more money from the budget for himself and his cronies, making grand declarations and pronouncing nice words, in which only the stupid ones believe.

  3. Прекрасні стадіони. Приємно коли хоть частина ваших (у вас) і наших (у нас на Україні) грошей йде на благо людей. Вірю, що зовсім скоро рівню тих стадіонів у нас відповідатимуть дороги та зарплати.

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