FIFA 18 Vs PES 2018 – Which Is Right For You?

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PES 2018 and FIFA 18 are both available right now, but which should you buy?

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49 thoughts on “FIFA 18 Vs PES 2018 – Which Is Right For You?

  1. I bought PES for the first time this year to see what all the hype is about and tbh I am pretty disappointed. I think the gameplay does feel abit better and more fun than FIFA (in some ways) but it definitely feels a lot more arcade/childish at the same time. For example to defend you literally just hold a button and have one of your players magically run and get the ball for you haha. I wish there was a hybrid of both because tbh none of them are good enough for me. FIFA has awesome control/skills moves but for some reason it's frustrating to the point of it not being fully fun. PES does feel more fun but just doesn't have a serious enough vibe and feels like it was designed for a younger audience.

  2. FIFA has the license advantage better graphics and names of players. But when it comes to pure game play and realness of the game PES is on another level. PES feels like your playing real football the AI is quality. If your a real football person who wants the real football experience PES all day

  3. PES has superior graphics, the players actually look exactly like they do in real life.

    Every piece of gameplay in FIFA is massively unrealistic. EA only care for ultimate team, they don’t care for gameplay, look in the past 5 years, what has really changed in FIFA, career mode has gotten even worse – all they did for FIFA 18 is add in manager player contract talks.
    They are a lazy company that many people are too stupid to realise that their money is going towards the same game.
    People spend hundreds of hours and money on ultimate team for it to be wiped when they buy the next £60 game.
    Get something rewarding, an amazing career mode that takes you in a realistic journey.

    Or if you’re a kid and just want pretty lots and badges then get FIFA. Or get PES and get the patch.

    Not enough people are switching to PES even though they know that FIFA is god awful, the stigma around PES has to stop, EA has to be stopped from earning their riches from licenses and pretty kits, they don’t deserve the income that they get and it’s such a shame.

  4. There is something that annoys me the most about PES, The Commentary. It is so boring. Master League is good but Transfer System is Nonsense unlike FIFA's Transfer system. Gameplay is better on PES due to player movements and dribbling. But when it comes to Graphics, FIFA is better. License is another problem of PES. But the main edge FIFA has over PES to me is The Journey. Become A Legend cannot be compared to The Journey. The journey has it all. My club needs improvement, It is a little bit complex unlike FUT. In conclusion, My advice is:
    If u are a person looking for the best gameplay, Go for PES
    But if u are a person that u want to play and enjoy all the modes, FIFA is perfect.

    Finally, If u are a person who wants to enjoy both Manager and Career mode, FIFA is perfect.

  5. that split second lag between the inputs in fifa18 was really awful even after the update, and this made me favour pes over fifa. I hope they fix this problem when FIFA19 comes out or I'll buy pes again and then I'll have to wait until the patches come out and this is awful too. I like fifa because it got a better presentation than pes, but the gameplay is not satisfying.

  6. for gods sake ,who?! i mean who?! seriously! over the years,who is giving so much fuck about the presentation and graphics? making game companys so absessed on the already good enough graphic,please focus on the gameplay for fuck sake,games DO NOT play as good as PES ten years ago!

  7. I was sold on FIFA's presentation. ESPN 2K5 presentation was phenomenal back in 2004 and has never been beaten. FIFA is getting close to that. All it needs is the MOTD license (or a world friendly alternative), which shows after game analysis (with commentary) as well as highlights from other matches. And I love The Journey, a giant leap ahead of what PES is offering.

  8. The thing with FIFA is that it's allot easier to play making it allot more accessible for people. If you have bunch of mates over for a night of beer and gaming for example, unless they're all PES players, you're going to get more fun out of FIFA.

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