Fifa 18 vs PES 2018: Ultimate Comparison (Graphics, Gameplay & Animations)

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We go in-depth and compare the the best aspects of EA Sports Fifa 18 against Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 recorded on a PS4 Pro.

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46 thoughts on “Fifa 18 vs PES 2018: Ultimate Comparison (Graphics, Gameplay & Animations)

  1. PES graphics are more realistic but the gameplay I think fifa is better , I'd like a game with both FIFA gameplay and PES realistic graphs (also PES player movements are way better than fifa)

  2. this year pes18 wins and pes is looking so natural and by the way pes have already started devoloping more better…and license lol…we just need to install some patches…haha…everything is gonna be fine

  3. Played FIFA for years and i have to say that The movement in Pes is clearly better. Also The Speed is better…. FIFA is too fast, Even in dribbling or of u have The Ball u dont lose Speed at all….. The movement also Looks more Realistic….. this year i bought Pes and im happy about it…. in FIFA are too much fails and bugs ….

  4. every thing is better in fif then pes manger mode journey and even the menus ,arena just cnt kepp on telling the whole day so dont peak you pes fans becuse pes can never be better than fifa

  5. PES18 on field gameplay >FIFA18
    FIFA18 off the field >PES18

    IN FIFA you ain't in control of the whole game and that's A SHAME..the game is too scripted
    PES gives you full control.
    If PES had all them privileges fifa has than no one will ever touch FIFA:

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