FIFA 18 Review

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FIFA 18 improves on last year and presents the sport better than ever, but it’s still lagging behind PES 2018 on the pitch.

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28 thoughts on “FIFA 18 Review

  1. I will never ever tire of # You'll Never Walk Alone #

    You sit in a stadium with 60 thousand Fans singing this song in unison & you'll understand why I'll never tire of this somg being sung at my home stadium & I'm not a Liverpool fan…

    Being a Celtic fan & sitting there or watching this on TV is a rush especially when Celtic play Liverpool in a European Game…

    The Liverpool fans are very much like Celtic fans & are a great bunch of fans who are very easy to get on with before/during & after a match…

    Bless The KOP…

  2. all fifa has to do is Adjust the way the stamina bar works if they want to slow down the game , they don't have to make the actual gameplay feel sluggish just to make the game more "realistic"

  3. to be honest I really got into the FUT hype this year and was looking forward to playing as maradona or the original Ronaldo…I played fut for a few days And was like …what a load of crap!! the matches never seemed fair as the player with better players wins 80 percent of the times n even if u win its cause the other player had crap players so it dosent feel rewarding at all,and the contracts injuries haveing to suffel players over n over again it felt like a chor ,So stopped with the fut bullshit and m playing online seasons match instead

  4. this review is stupid,ofcourse they will make the short passes difficult its so the other opponent gets a chance and you know how fucking long it would be to make a face for each different player,ya i thought so

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