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38 thoughts on “DID THEY ACTUALLY FIX IT? – PUBG Update

  1. Quality of life improvements that I can tell you are still needed from last couple days:
    Crates are still being dropped out of bounds of the map.
    Red zone sometimes doesn't show up on the map you can see it happening but no red circle.
    When servers go down for maintenance it tells you they are too busy, no they are down, if they are too busy give us a timer/queue system for it and if they are down then just pop up with estimated downtime left.
    Sounds are still buggy in terms of distance suppressed shots used to be around 200m now it's 200-500m.
    I'm sure that other stuff you've even noticed but the game isn't "fixed" 100% doesn't mean I'm gonna stop playing it either though.

  2. About the hacking part… I run into x-ray vision hackers and no recoil hacks in almost every game. People see me from behind walls, use an AKM to spray with 4x and 6x scopes with zero horizontal/vertical recoil. The hacking in this game is astronomically high. About once a week I get a notification my report resulted in a perma ban.

  3. Having played this game since the start of the year, the following things have changed for me:

    Less aimbotters and flying cars. Same amount of obvious ESP users (not a lot). More random team mates who seem to have ability to spawn crate weapons (very rare).

    Less random FPS drops/stutters. Less peeker's advantage and such problems.

    A bit less teleporting enemies.

    No more invisible parachutes or invisible enemies

    Just as many chinese team mates (EU)

     A lot more random lag spikes/packet loss. However, they do not happen in every match.

  4. Well no shit u wont find a match on Erangel or the other map early in the morning, cuz no one is playing those shitmaps since Sanhook came out. Like why would u ever play any other map than sanhook?

  5. Improvement? Yeah like going from 3 to 5 and best grade is 10. That is what PUBG is nowadays. The devs care more about the exterior appearance of the game which is like the server performance and security rather than ultimetly fix their game and not going from 1 to 5 to 10 with max score 100! I give up any hope for the devs +wtfmoses do you know why? I've made a post in their forum asking the community with a poll if the devs are doing alright by them. Wanna know what they did to me? They deleted 3 times my poll and when I asked several times why after ignoring and refusing to respond to my messages they blocked me for 6 days of posting or sending messages to anyone! They only know how to make skins so they can suck up the money of the people like they dont have enough already. All I see is decaying player loss every damn month. You think that the snow map will return the game to its former glory? Not by any chance. It may raise the playerbase for some weeks but thats it! I guess the map will be full of bugs and they will have to start an other " PUBG FIX " campaign. I dont hate the game, I love the game, I hate the persons who are responsible for it and they are terrible at their job.

  6. I uninstalled the game yesterday. I’ve waited long enough for a game i paid for. I loved this game. I waited patch after patch and was completely let down. It was too little too late for me.

  7. I've just discovered your channel and I'm subscribing because I like the way you talk and explain things really well, and your opinions are very respectable and rational. I like how you're not overly enthusiastic like a fuckton of other big YouTubers out there.

  8. After 423 hours of game play (small in many respects), Today I've concluded, its never played better. And I still loose. And yes, I'm shocked that so many play TPP.

  9. my main issue with the game is performance but in all fairness I am a broke boy with a pc which uses the lowest specs in the games steam description. But some frame drops are disgustingly bad.

  10. I encounter cheaters almost every other game and its blantantly obvious when you watch the death cam and they are flicking around to everyone around them, its just a part of the game for me I can pretty much tell as soon as I die if I was killed by a cheater or not.

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