CSS vs CS:GO (Counter Strike: Source vs Counter Strike: Global Offensive)

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CSS has been out for a long time. CS:GO was released in 2012. Which game is better?
I decided to compare both games because in my opinion they look very similar, but when you play them, they feel completly different from each other.

Even before comparing these games, I already knew it’s gonna be tough.

But I risked.

So overall, which is the better game? I don’t know. I…

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50 thoughts on “CSS vs CS:GO (Counter Strike: Source vs Counter Strike: Global Offensive)

  1. Most important difference is movement. Movement in csgo feels stiff while source feels like floating.Counter Strafing in css is easier and after getting hit, velocity decrease is way higher in csgo so spraying is effective. But css is move,pause and aim type of game.

  2. I say CSS is better because there's nothing unfair about it.
    CSGO's everything is unfair.
    Burst fire to lower bullet spread? Nope, that's not possible.
    Bullet damage? Nope it's unfair.

  3. I prefer CS:S over GO because GO is much more esports oriented thus removing things like movable props and breakable objects, i dont mind the graphics too much but what the biggest difference is that almost everybody in GO is a tryhard (some are actually good) but almost everybody equips what weapon the pro's use instead of what the most fun isand people care about winning too much, while CS:S is more freestyle, like Half:Life 2 deathmatch (it basically is HL2 deathmatch).

  4. If we dont consider game mods of global offensive, source is better to play more realistic, enjoyable and not problematic like global offensive, that is why source is more expensive than global offensive, and i think that source must be popular one instead of global offensive and condition zero. Please like or dislike this comment to show everybody who havent any info about source, because source is deserve more players.

  5. Being the "cool" 90s kid that grew up on nu metal and alternative rock, Id always choose CSS over Csgo.
    Just so many memories playing this game with my friends. When it came out the graphics were out of this world, EVERYONE was playing it and it still has many players to this day. Really just an amazing game that will always hold a special place in my heart.

  6. I subscribed you because we are the same I hate cs:go I love css I am a big fan of valve so I love it all of the version when my dad buy me a counter strike condition zero when I play it I love it one year later our computer broke when I know that there was a new version of counter strike so I know that counter strike condition zero is 2004 after one year my dad will fix our computer and I like to buy css now end thank you for this video for a story of css and Cs:go.??

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