Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gun Sounds vs Counter Strike Source

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Let’s check out how CS:GO weapons evolved compared to Counter Strike Source. Which one do you think it’s better? Enjoy!

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24 thoughts on “Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gun Sounds vs Counter Strike Source

  1. I knew they'd ruin the m4. That game had the most realistic gun noises out of any game I played. They were loud as fuck. When you fire the M4 in SOURCE it sounded like the M4's in that movie Heat

  2. CSGO :

    Almost every pistol reloads are the same

    XM1014 shells on reloading are 3

    When shells are putted in the gun they basically appear randomly

    M4A4 , M4A1 , Scar 20 has the same reload

    How can you pull the bolt that fast in AWP

    AWP and SSG 08 has the same animations

    Seeing the magazines of the guns reloading are empty

    (except for the Mac-10 and R8-Revolver)

    R8-Revolver is the only gun to have camera movements while reload

    As you reload the Galil-AR , the player just takes the empty mag

    (if you set your fov to 115 , you can see the empty Galil-AR mag being taken out and currently taking back)

    The Deagle slide currently slides instead of leaving it like the old CS has too

    CSS :

    AK-47 reload is wrong

    M4A1 "pull" has an error

    M249 reload is wrong

    Btw CSS is an old game

  3. Compare shotgun reloading:
    1) Reloading Shotgun in CS:S : 4:52 – "takes a bullet from his pocket and charges one by one".
    2) Reloading Shotgun in CS:GO : 5:03 – "takes 4 bullets from his pocket, charges one (3 left in hand), then magically waves his arm and a fourth bullet appears in his hand".
    Animation bug ?

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