Counter Strike 1.6 M4a1 Less Recoil Trick | Script

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Hello Peros 😀

With the title its clear what I’m going to teach you in this video. The recoil of every automatic rifle in cs 1.6 is controllable , Just few tricks you have to know and that tricks you going to learn in the above video. I have also provided you a script which auto. drag the crosshair down.

It Just Take less than 2 sec to lke the video 🙂
Download Less Recoil Script –

The cs 1.6 version I use…

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44 thoughts on “Counter Strike 1.6 M4a1 Less Recoil Trick | Script

  1. my bullets are all over the fucking place. it's so frustrating. Yours just goes up, which I can control easily but when your bullets goes everywhere whats the fucking point of controlling it. ugh lol

  2. Hey video was good and thnxx for the script.
    But, in my cs1.6 there is a cross hair problem
    the bullet hits at the top of the cross hair not in the middle.
    Like shown below


    Is there a solution for it??

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