Call of Duty VS Halo Live Action

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We see which is better. Call of Duty or Halo.
Black Ops vs Halo Reach!

We spent 2 and a half months making this video.
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We’re not acting seriously in the video on purpose!

BIG thanks to Sean Meng for editing this beast!

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28 thoughts on “Call of Duty VS Halo Live Action

  1. Guys you're forgetting something Spartans have super event suit thousands and thousands of years in the future well well of course Call of Duty people are just bare naked they only have bullet proof armor and I armor that protects them from radiation and also explosives Halo versus Call of Duty Halo would win because has more defense and more higher Tech

  2. Come on be realistic cod is so much worse than halo, F*****NG SUITS OF TITANIUM AND SHIELDS THAT ARE GENERATED ALONG WITH ODST AND MARINES WHILE COD USES PRIMATIVE TECHNOLOGY. By the way halo can just fire a Mac gun and it would be the equivalent of a nuke

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