Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Walkthrough – Part 1 [Mission 1: Black Tuesday] (MW3 Gameplay)

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough Part 1 with Gameplay.

This is Mission 1 of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Single Player Campaign.

This is a new Walkthrough for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with Gameplay and Commentary by theRadBrad.

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28 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Walkthrough – Part 1 [Mission 1: Black Tuesday] (MW3 Gameplay)

  1. Tomorrow Will be 7 years that I've been watching your channel. What's crazy is that you just posted your red dead redemption video and my boy heard the notification sound and I told him it was your new video and he knew your channel. he's 13 I'm 37.. How crazy is that. The name is Elektro Morales and thank you for 7 years of great content broski. Oldschool OG here fams…

  2. Beware of Spoilers… The following Is the plot bzw the ofscreen Events and the explanations and Twists what happened between MW1 and 2 and the things needed to fully understand the MW2 and 3 story

    After MW1 the ultranationalist Party was splitted in to Groups

    The diplomatic wing and the extremist wing, included the inner circle

    Makarov was removed from the Party By the New russian ultranationalist President Vorsehvsky and started a revenge Campaing in russia

    The diplomatic wing wants better conditions to the West and wants to bring back the russian army ( loyalists) , they fleed After the lost Civil war because the ultranationalist Military Takes Place as the New Army

    Makarov wants back his own Power and worked Together With General Sheperd

    They planed the massacre
    Makarov Killed Alan to blame the USA, But President vorsehvsky doesnt wants a war

    So makarov Used his old connections to Some hardliners in the goverment, told Them that vorshevsky is weak and this is the Chance to attack the West

    They worked Together With Him, and all of the ultranationalist Military, Together With makarov s private ultranationalist s prepared the war against the USA

    Vorshevsky dont Know this and realized to Late

    In the end sheperd Kills roach and Ghost, because nobody Should Know that He Works With makarov

    At the Same time makarov s ultranationalist and sheperds men wants to execute Price and soap But then both Are shooting At each Other

    Reason: sheperd wants revenge against the US goverment After MW 1, they ignored the nucleare Bomb and his men died, and wants to destroy the ultranationalist Forces, revenge for this war(s), involving his men

    Restore the US as the New super Power so such a lost like in MW1 cannot happens again. For this He needed to wake up the USA and He needed a war and a Test for the USM.

    Makarov and sheperd betrayed each other.

    The planned the massacre and the war.

    After this, sheperd needed makarov as a target, against their deal.

    Makarov betrayed sheperd in this way: He knews that vorshevsky and the diplomatics of The ultranationalist Party never wants a war. So He Used his connection to Some hardliners in the goverment, telling Them that vorshevsky Is weak and cannot stand for the ideals of The ultranationalists and this Is the Chance to attack the US.

    So the attack of The ultranationalist Military was Much stronger, harder und Much more brutal under makarov s lead as sheperd thought.

    Even the ultranationalist Forces are stronger than sheperd thought. Inclusive, He gave makarov and Major Petrow the data of The ACS module.

    He needed the blank check to eliminate makarov When He realized that his Plan doesnt work like He wants and that his secret Is Not longer safe.
    With the blank check, killing makarov would end the ultranationalist offensive

    Sheperds Plan With makarov In the beginnig was to Take Him as a target to blame and weak up america to make the US to the New super Power, so such a lost like in MW1 cannot happens again.
    And He needed makarov to behold his mask and estabelish his status as a true leade.

    In the end, He needed to change his targets.

    Keeping his secrets under contol, killing Makarov and Not loosing the war against the ultranationalist Military.

    Thought russia would decleare war on the US, Not makarov Himself.

    He never thougth that the ultranationalist Party Is that way of diplomatic

    The political Ideas of The ultranationalists never mentioned. The are no right extremists and they are no communists. Even they Used hammer and sickel.
    They wants to bring back the russian Power as to USSR time and their influence Is far beyond the russian borders. They ve got Even NATO contacts, maybe baltic, ( estonian fraighter) cause they are using NATO weapons and vehicles.

    Makarov wants to destroy vorshevsky s goverment and the World. In the end of MW3 He said: captain Price, i destroyed the whole World peace By peace… "

    He wants to rebuild it and rule as a tsar, Thats the idols of The inner circle.

    The normal ultranationalit Military followed Him Cause they are Militant extremists and a Kind of revenge against the us for Allen, Even they know that makarov was involved. At least vorshevsky knews it. And this was sheperds mistake. So makarov Used the opportunity to attack and Not the russian counter-attack.

    Sheperd needed makarov as a Person He can blame and no one would think about Him. In the end, the war begins to cancel to an adventage to the ultranationalists. So sheperd gets pain.

    Price never tusts Him. He feels that sheperd doesnt wants to end the war directly, Thats why He captured the inner circle submarine.
    With their Intel destroyed ( EMP) Only The americans have their adventage, cause they knows their ground etc and the ultranationalist Intel from sheperd was gone.

    So He worked With makarov, After Ghost death He finds Out, in makarov s Intel, that makarov was the one who detonate the Bomb in MW1

    In MW3 vorshevsky find Out Whats happening and get s Kidnapped By the ultranationalist Military, now turning fully against Him

    Soap and Price tried With the loyalist ( russian army) and the US army to rescue the President and Kill makarov

    In the end, vorshevsky returns to moscow
    The diplomatic wing of the ultranationalist Party returns and vorshevsky now uses the old russian Military ( Loyalists) as the russian Military, Not again the ultranationalist mercenarys

    He created a ultranationalist-loyalist goverment

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