Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout vs PUBG | Direct Comparison

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A visual and gameplay comparison of the upcoming “Blackout” mode for Black Ops 4 against the most battle royale shooter game on steam, PUBG.

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35 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout vs PUBG | Direct Comparison

  1. PUBG has the best looting by FAR this guy doesn't even mention that. This is literally a Blackout is best video. Blackout for cartoonish arcade style BR, PUBG for realistic Fortnite for pure cartoon.

  2. Of course as someone who's played both games a decent amount of time I say Black ops 4 is better but that's just my opinion (don't start a war). Pubg is fun, it introduced a huge genre into the gaming world. Hell I loved it so much, tho I did get frustrated when I spent 20 minutes wandering through the map to just get sniped by someone hidden in the grass. Now some people like that but that's just not me, sure I guess I'm fast paced but putting so much dedication to get it all tumbled down to a simple mistake. Black ops 4 not only has 3 game modes (MP, BR, and ZB) but it added air vehicles and not only that but it also added more variety to a simple game of battle Royale. People are seeing Bo4 as futuristic due to it's past games and judge the newer one to it's younger siblings. It is Its ownself and a hybrid between the most beloved genres. Give Bo4 a try PUBG players, it's just another game not a clone. Sure pubg the original br was amazing but this has more to offer. Bo4 is just another battle Royale just like any other fps, same concept different games. Play both if you want or move on, they're just their own game.

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