Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Before You Buy

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is here with a strong multiplayer focus and a battle royale mode. Does it feel fresh? Will it retain series fans? Let’s take a look with some first impressions.
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49 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Before You Buy

  1. Hold The Phone " No Single Player " content just like the game's Developer's did with Black Ops 3 on the Xbox 360/PS3 & to get that campaign content you had to own one of the next Gen Console's…

    Again console's gamer's have been dropped out of the loop & more & more games for the last 8 years have been geared & aimed at Pc gamer's wanting to play console exclusives with added multiplayer & too many console gamers want multiplayer, which to a degree is fine but dont dump the loyal gamers that built the console industry into the monster multi billionaire industry it has become & that was not multiplayer gamer's…

    It was console gamer's going all the way back for many decades who bought every console from the mid 70s onwards…

  2. The last good COD was BLOPS 2, the only reason this game was sucessful, was because of the blackout mode seeing how everyone's on the battle royale bandwagon after fortnites massive success.

  3. I just got this game and do not have x box live. I guess that is just expected from here on out because this game is worthless without x box live. That being said it is awesome, I was planning on it anyway. Very fun return to an old classic that thankfully hasn't changed much.

  4. Can anybody be kind enough to let me share play this I really don’t mind if your connection is bad I just wanna test it out it looks good psn:hernandezdiego10

  5. My only problem is that they said to live through the world war stories but yet no females were in the war or even just having a black person as a none solider giving orders to the army or am i thinking of battle field 5.

  6. So am I the only one who thinks cod black ops 4 has gotten call of duty horribly wrong on top of the lack of simplicity that cod is meant to be. In my opinion it’s a huge step back from cod WW2 the gameplay is poor and the mechanics are to inconsistent and blackout is matter of try or don’t truly a boring uninteresting copy of PUBG for as a fan since cod 4 I have lost the love to get the game year in now and it’s been getting worst since cod Ghosts.

  7. This game (especially multiplayer) is such a fast pace twitch shooter that it is only fun for 'sweaty tryhards' who play 8-10 hrs a day. There is NO skill based matchmaking so most likely you will have that one player who walks through everyone, usually quickscoping people with their one shot noob cannon. Some specialist abilities are completely overpowered, such as the idiotic dog that can take 5 headshots but kills you with one bite to the ankle and the invincible shield. Oh and don't forget the trusty noob tube makes a return. Oh and with no skill based matchmaking the pro players will be able to get score streaks and basically wipe you out over and over again without you being able to do anything. Spawns are the worst I have seen in any CoD (and I have played almost all of them since the first one) with camping snipers constantly picking you off as you spawn. Map design is terrible, with maybe a couple mediocre maps and mainly complete crap maps. I fired up BO2 on my old PS3 and played a couple rounds of multiplayer… that game was so much better than this one.

    Unless you live CoD, skip this game… it will have you throwing your controller across the room in frustration.

  8. With no campaign, made me realize there is not creativity anymore. Thus adding up with the SAME MAPS FROM THE OLDER GAMES WHICH YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR AGAIN just for this new game. I have more to say. But… Im just so tired of COD games like these for money grabs. Servers are just awful. I had to get a refund from this. Luckily i just got the 60 dollar version. I just feel sad that it turned out like this and offending MANY die hard fans like me but this just broke me as a fan.

  9. Look i was a facking fan of bo1 because it was realistic (sort of) and when bo2 came out it went just all down for me because it became fake and you could hate me for this but i like realistic stuff but the blackout mode looks facking awesome

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