Call of Duty Advanced Warfare vs Battlefield 4

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Why are these two popular franchises so different? Find out why.

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39 thoughts on “Call of Duty Advanced Warfare vs Battlefield 4

  1. خوب معلومه که کال آف دیوتی بهتره چون هم گرافیکش بیشتره هم بازیش باگ نداره هم اسلحه و…. های بیشتری داره

  2. If I start recording bf4 rather then cod aw. I would get more views? I realy dont think so because cod aw i newer and there isnt as much of gameplay videos out there then there is bf4 ones.

  3. I have been a cod fanboy since black ops 2 on the 360 and I never thought battlefield could compete but after I sold my 360 and bought a pc and my first game was cod mw3 and was really good but it seemed alot like mw2 then one day i saw battlefield 4 on steam and I had a little money left and so I bought it and i would truely reccomend battlefield

  4. Good thing about Advanced Warfare: Uplink, Momentum, The Guns(I really like them), the graphics(I like the art style), the Co-Op, Campaign, the lobby's and the shooting range is really cool. Bad things: The Movement is annoying and seems to give people unlimited health, All game modes suck except Uplink and Momentum, Overpowered perks, you can still quick scope, Pistols are worthless, The small ass maps that do not complement the exo suits, and hit marker city and the insta deaths. I do like the supply drops.

  5. Let me just tell you, you are stupid. "You can't slide around to dodge enemy fire" "you don't jump very high and you only get one jump". That's not what battlefield is for. We don't need that sliding around bullshit. You also sound really bad, get a voice changer.

  6. Idk why people dont like your voice. I think its awesome! In a video, i dont care about the voice. I care about the content, which was great. Im getteing a ps4 soon and my friend really wants me to get CoD but i like bf4. after watching this video, im sure to get BF4

  7. call of duty is such a suck game Battlefield 4 is so better and everyone who is waiting for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is same same but new name of  Titanfall and Call of Duty Advenced Warfare

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