Battlefield 4 VS Crysis 3 Graphics Comparison 1080p

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Remember Battlefield 3 vs Crysis 2? Well now since the next generation of both games are available. Lets do a comparison!

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Songs used – Trust Company – The War is Over

Computer Specifications:
Intel i7 2600k 3.4ghz
8gb DDR3 RAM
ATI Radeon HD6970 2gbs
Windows 7

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38 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 VS Crysis 3 Graphics Comparison 1080p

  1. played both on xbox 360 and I was kinda disappointed from Battlefield 4 especially in the singleplayer. For examples, the skyscrapers in the first mission looked like they were form MW2, when you see the Titan the first time the fire effects looked just embarassing for a late 2013 game and everything that's just a few hundred meters away looks totally unrealistic. The destruction is quite amazing and better than in Crysis 3 but Crysis is not a game where you just bomb the shit out of your environment it's more a tactical shooter and this is what I love about it. Also when you destroy something in Crysis it remains destroyed but when I destroyed the buildings in the BF4 dam mission I walked about 50 meters, turned around and everything was back to normal. I don't even talk about the KI in BF4 because it's a total war game and the enemies must not be that good as in Crysis, but they don't even see or hear you when you're running 10 meters away from them.

    For the graphics Crysis 3 was the best game I ever saw in my life till then while BF4 had the strenghts of BF3 but also it's weaknesses

  2. I've played both games and I must say that Battlefield is the real winner. There is so much more happening in it. Believe it or not Battlefield offers superior performance on many low-mid ranged PCs. Crysis surely does have amazing DoF quality and all but doesn't quite match Battlefield when you compare it overall.

  3. Crysis 3 doesn't real, Battlefield 4 is one of the most realistic, photo like, graphics, if not the best. Crysis looks stunning, but it doesn't look real. Although, I do like crysis 3 graphics more, as it looks cooler, battlefield is a very clear winner if we are talking photorealism.

  4. Battlefield 4 wins because its graphics are amazing, that guy should've put in the SkyScraper Destruction in. Siege of Shanghai multiplayer map it is really cool. And look at Prophet's skin/face, it is really unrealistic. However, BF4 is made by EA Company and Crysis is sponsored by EA Company, i got both games on my Xbox 360

  5. Wow look at all the geeks go at each other truthfulley dont fight over whats better just enjoy them like dang i play both games but if u do want me to fight id say bf4 ,bf3, bfhardline ,bfbc1,2| c3, c2 ,c1there all great games hell even cod can make me feel good, sometimes, hey everyone imagine all those people who are fighting right now who have seen only videos lol

  6. Ok so the rain on bf4 seems like crap right and crysis has that crazy blizzard if you want to see a blizzard in bf4 go to paracel storm and inside on both maps are dark but i think bf4 s is better along with the outside dont get me wrong i love both games and truthfully i think battlefield s better not the graphics there great and all but the game play and the destruction and look at that beautifil fiery plume on bf4

  7. I think that Crysis 3 or Battlefield 4 its games both looks very amazing. Someone says: Crysis 3 better than Battlefield 4, someone says battlefield better, but crysis in the future and bf in real time. So i want to say that its for your own choice, everybody has different tastes.

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