Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Graphics Comparison

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What do you think? Leave a comment which one to you looks better or which game you prefer. I prefer more Battlefield 4 but that is just my opinion.

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41 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Graphics Comparison

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  2. کاف دیوتی:aw خیلی بهتر از بتلفیلد هم گرافیکش بیشتر هم باگ نداره هم اصلحه هاش بهتره هم داستانش بهتره کال آف دیوتی خیلی بهتر از بتلفیلد

  3. actually for the first time even the story is better than cod aw

    because usually bf is better than cod in every aspect except the storyline.

    but now I actually like the storyline of bf4 and hardline

    hard line may seem different than other battlefields but it changes the story into something interesting…

    battlefield 4 on the other hand follows up to what 2 and 3 have done but with a little bit of fun and unexpected story issues that happen along the way even though it is a short campaign

    but other than the campaign.. cod stands no chance

    unless you count the co-op, split screen and zombies which gives cod maybe 2.3/10 in my opinion

    battlefield 4 gets a


    these are just my opinions

  4. Everyone here talking about bf players and saying everything about how bf has vehicles and that's all we use. I play bf and i don't even use the vehicles, because I rather let another teammate who is actually good at using them use them, and will be more productive than me, because i know how to use them but im not good at all with vehicles, tanks and ifv are the only vehicles i use. Im an infantry kind of player. And I came from MW3, played BO2 and sold it for 5 dollars to a friend that didn't have it.

  5. Want beast campaign :Advanced warfare.
    Want a freaking beast multiplayer: battlefield 4.
    Want a good co-op battlefield 4.
    Want to fly a helicopter or plane: battlefield 4.
    Want to have real weapons with real gameplay: battlefield 4.

  6. Call of duty is such a suck game Battlefield 4 is so better and everyone who is waiting for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is same same but new name of  Titanfall and Call of Duty Advenced Warfare just worse game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think that for now we can't look on graphics. These two games started not in one year. I don't know why but on my computer cod aw was lagging more than bf4 ???? Why?? For me bf4 is better becaus I like revolution by for campaign Cod is better. One man said that we in bf4 have free airstrike, yes it's true but command need to take control of place A,B or other for commander who on his term will do airstrike I think it's better too because in real life you will not pay points for airstrike. And that man said that we who play in bf4 noobs in cod, ITS NOT TRUUUUEEE I was playing in cod for about 15 minutes an made more kills than everybody else! I invite my friend because he didn't have cod aw and what happened he made more kills than everybody too soooo you guys understand what it means……Call of duty is not better than BATTLEFIELD 4… BATTLEFIELD 4 RULES FOREVER and Iam Russian!

  8. fuck everyone bf4 is the best cod sucks bec… of graphics destruction sucks in cod and fucking camper fuck u cod and actvision's destruction bf is has better destruction and better graphics cod sucks

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