Battlefield 4 VS Battlefield 3: What We Lost/Gained

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Hey guys, I finally got back to doing some BF3 gameplay which immediately inspired this video!

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24 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 VS Battlefield 3: What We Lost/Gained

  1. I played about 300 hours of BF3. Then BF4 dropped and I'm 1000 hours in and have never thought about going back. BF3 wasn't that memorable or unique compared to BF4. The latter is a more polished version.

  2. Came here in 2018 to see whether I should get BF3 or 4. I had played BF4 before on my PS4 and thoroughly enjoyed it, probably would have a lot more if I was using mouse+keyboard (had a shit PC at the time), but was curious about BF3 because my dad used to play it all the time. Just bought 3 and will be trying it tonight, I appreciate the vid.

    Update: Game is great, I'm having lots of fun with it, but personally I do think I prefer BF4, a big reason being what you said about the netcode in this video doesn't seem right. I had 60ms ping the whole time I was playing and got fucked over many times. I had way less problems with that on BF4, but that's just my experience.

  3. Level cap bro! can you come to the zloemu battlefield 3, i know many years passed from when you was played battlefield 3 but we want to see another video from you in bf3 but in 2018 ,
    if you can do it ,your fan from zloemu DESERT-FOX

  4. Lol tf do you mean BF3 netcode is absolute dogshit. Still get killed a second later after I prone behind cover to a guy with 30 ping when mine is 30. I'm trying to see if BF4 is better since I have been playing BF3 and what you're saying about BF3's netcode is highly inaccurate. It's still garbage.

  5. Completely disagree with the criticism of the pace of 1942.. Yes it is true that when you go back to older games they certainly feel different than when you played them in their day. BUT, that is exactly what made 1942 special and what allowed for the rest of the series to be produced due to its success.. Battlefield is not COD or CS with vehicles in it!. It was a game of observation and planning that ranged from moments of extreme intensity to a peaceful journey as you attempted circumnavigate action to get behind enemy lines and reach an undefended flag.. As an old and very loyal BF fan i cannot say how dissapointing it is to see this franchise continually trying to make this game more action packed for the ADD masses.. Kill, Die, Repeat.. As hell constantly rains down on you from every direction… Forget about your KDR these days kids.. just hope you youre able to kill some idiot before your inevitable and immediate death comes moments later… Even the vehicles have been dumbed down to make sure that EVERYONE is catored to.. Even the 10 year old kid that has no idea how to fly can now jump into a jet and fly it around like its on rails… Does anyone remember how fun it was on a map like gazala to bring your 109 in for a beautiful landing out in the desert near a forgotten flag.. hop out, take it.., stay there and defend it for a few waves of tanks coming in to take it back… and then hop back in your plane and takeoff again?.. Can anyone imagine being able to land a plane in a new BF game without it being destroyed instantaneously from some unknown source as you are there killed shortly thereafter from a threat that you werent even aware of?.. God i miss old battlefield dynamics 🙁

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