Battlefield 4 – Tips From The Pros

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Battlefield 4 world champion Josh “deathdoG” Edwards shares some tips on how to make the most of multiplayer mode.

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41 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 – Tips From The Pros

  1. How there are pros on a such unbalanced game lmao, listen me instead of this guy i probably played more then him. The 1st rule u need to know for being good at these games is "be super random", the more random u are the more u will succed.

  2. I see that he is giving advice for people who are trying to play competitive and be the best in the world, people with patience. If you’re a normal gamer don’t take his advice on always playing serious, mess around, throw an enemy off, all professional strats are formed from what other pros do, and you’ll lose your patience and get angry easier if you aren’t having fun

  3. Sooo basically to be pro, you need to play the game in kind of a solo mind set. Dont worry about helping your squad, just jump between squads, and dont play the game like it was meant to be played

  4. But skill tho tell me about your skill. Spraying with an AEK isnt a "pro tip". Yall want a tip? Play to win dont play for points. Only use shotguns when they are effective, close quarters. Anywhere you can use an assault rifle you can use a DMR, it requires being a good shot, I have over 2,000 kills with my RFB. Every time you die ask yourself, what couldve prevented me from dieing? Ask yourself questions.If my team is getting deatroyed by enemy helis and tanks I ask myself; How can I keep the other team from obtaining their vehicles? Think outside the box. If you are a sniper and are getting sniped at, carry smokes, pop a smoke down and run. AND FOR THE LOVE OF PETE PLAY HARDCORE. Regular is simply horrible with that kill cam. You can decieve the enemy through practice and planning. You dont need specific guns, you need the ability to use them. "Pray not for easy lives, pray to be stronger men".
    Think of ways to get the advantage over them.
    A good pilot can deny a team their use of tanks by relentlessly targeting them. And a squad with multiple people on the ground with anti air missiles can keep any helis or jets from going out in attempt to bring down the jet. Shutting down the enemy's air or land vehicles through mines,antiair, etc is one way of getting the advantage.
    obviously not everyone on a team can do this most people need to be Playing the objective

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