Battlefield 4 – Tips and Tricks: Top 10 Infantry Tactics

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24 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 – Tips and Tricks: Top 10 Infantry Tactics

  1. Yeah, many players are smart and experienced in BF4 now, and when you outsmart your enemy, you'll know that you did it. BF4 is a strategy and planning game in order to be at the top of the scores. It is not a skill oriented game, yes, you can get good at aiming and using weapons, but I'm talking about tactics, strategies, and planning your next several moves to win.

    When we say Skill Oriented game, we mean that without skill, it is hell for you, but BF4 is not a hell for you if you're even level 1 player, you can get some kills easily.

    If we want to make a real skill matches, they have to contain many rules, the first obvious one is that every single player has the same equipment, so that we can measure how good players are based on one particular set of equipment, but this is impossible, and has to be arranged so that every single player is aware of the ultimate skill test match, and, again, this is impossible, so using a pistol against a shotgun master is a suicide action, and many other examples …, what I want to say is that if you want to be good, plan your way to the win, of course skills will be powerful weapons, but tactics are more useful than gun skills, like if you're behind an enemy as a strategy plan, you're gonna kill that player if he's a god in that game, so use tactics more than relying on skills, and again, skills are a massive advantage for you, but they're not the main thing in BF4.

  2. I cant fully agree with "Aim for the head", if your enemy is in medium range its better to focus on the spot between chest and the head so you can deal maximum amount of damage. Theres a higher chance u will hit that head after the recoil than before it and you can guarantee damage that way.

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