Battlefield 4 ‘The Basics’ // BF4 Guide & Tips for Beginners

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Battlefield 4 ‘The Basics’ Guide and tips for BF4 beginners. Hope you all enjoyed this ‘how to’ Battlefield video. I plan on making many more over the next few weeks and if you enjoy commentary, montages and funny videos may I offer you a free subscription to le channel because they are coming!

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46 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 ‘The Basics’ // BF4 Guide & Tips for Beginners

  1. Just started this game in 2018 LOL. $15 (Australian). Good graphics and game-play already. Bargain. I hope the single-player doesn't get ripped off too much.

  2. Imagine this being in basic training…
    Drill Sergeant: All right, rule number three, P.T.F.O. Not P.T.O, P.T.F.O, do you understand?
    Drill sergeant: You better understand, cause if you dont know the fucking difference between the two then you're not gonna be in my goddamn platoon…

  3. Constructive comment: Guide&Tips for beginners videos should use vocabulary that newbies will understand, maybe try to refrain from Gaming slang and acronyms. – Thanks!

  4. hey theres another way to get alot of score without taking objectives: focus on taking out enemy vehicles even if you dont kill it the damage you do gets added as score and the best objective capturer is the vehicles take them out and victory is almost garanteed

  5. yes BF4 has way better scoring system but saddly the AA tank player doesnt get lots of score cause most jet and chopper pilot will either bail out or suicide crash before you can finish them off thats very lame despite being so important good AA can piss off an entire enemy team to the point that they will use everything to kill you including tanks and LAV and the more time they waste trying to kill your AA at your spawn = the more time they are not capturing objectives i pissed off entire teams so many times with AA and if you learn how to use the passive radar on AA you can start sniping jets and choppers at enemy base and your teams tanks will love you if you take out the enemy airforce

  6. pro tip of the day when in any vehicle excluding AA never stop moving i said excluding cause that vehicle is not usually used in front line its used at the far back and targets air

  7. Is he saying its not ok at all to snipe?:((( i do like the competive aspect of figting other snipers, its its own little world, different from the regular stuff you get in fps….if its truly a sin to snipe, thats fine, because i just saw someone using a bow yesterday, and (figuratively) foamed at the mouth. Im sorry if im bf4 cancer

  8. Why does his hit markers look different than mine? His move like the next gen console version and it looks a lot better to me but I wonder how his look like that but mine don’t. If anyone knoes

  9. I Agree about the team play part, but it is damn hard to find a server with like minded ppl, I have tried to Squad up several times but everybody else just runs away, and no one uses voip :/. I do disagre with the long way sniping tho because it is a part of the Recon class to be that long distance spotter and take down the other team campers and such alike, but yea don't be a stationary sniper, but do it from a long distance that I do not see a problem with.

  10. Hahahahaha "Don't be this guy". Not a fan of players only sniping. It does get frustrating, but it's also a legit skill. In most shooter games, there will always be one or more snipers. It will piss off the others. But oh well. That just means the rest of us have to be more aware of the environment. Keeping an ear out for ricochets, spotting the glare from their sights & spotting an odd shape in the distance under fire. Props to your video and all the players

  11. i'm usually "dont be this guy" haha ciz usually i play recon class n i snipe from a distance!!nway now plz scream ur lungs out biatch lol
    nway m very new to bf4 and 1 thing i hate about the game is that i cant see a fking thing,enemies!!

  12. what's wrong with long sniping for on it's a skill spotting can also be a plus for your squad but it depends if your with your friends as a squad or just playing with random ppl don't tell ppl not to be a sniper cuz that one sniper just might save your life on bf4 and ik cuz it happen to me. I mean no disrespect but again sniping isn't a bad thing it just depends on how your sniper is.

  13. please you are playing in normal mode, it's for noobis , please play hard core, it setup up for one shot one kill, no bull crap rounds after rounds registering on your target yet they turn around and one shot or burst and you are deaf be a use they are playing from overseas, reduce overseas advantage and cheater controllers by playing on hard core servers, time to graduate, challenge yourself especially if you've been playing on normal for years, no excuse for not letting go of your boy friends hand and coming over to the hard core servers….

  14. I am new to the game & having trouble with being able to "target" the enemy. Running Xbox 360. At the beginning of the game there is no problem with using the RB button to select the targets but after this when you get the pair of special "binoculars" they replace the targeting on the RB button. So I can't target anyone as I attempt to go to the extraction point in the VERY FIRST MISSION??? Can anyone help? Thanks

  15. Im imagine some ramdom guy trying to teach people how to be better players and just shoving hammering this video saying "YOULL. LEARN. HOW TO TEAM PLAY" but realy, I cant agree more with this video. its anoying AF, picture this, me and another ramdom guy not in my squad, being the only 2 players on the anti armor role, and sempai support dont share ammo, than I get bashed for not destroying enemy armor

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