Battlefield 4 Quick Tips | How To Aim Like A Boss (PC & Console)

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48 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 Quick Tips | How To Aim Like A Boss (PC & Console)

  1. On ps4 u gotto use both sticks to really connect with the crosshair.There are 2 basic ways: move left but aim right and other way round and move left aim left. To practice this, move left but keep crosshair at one spot by aiming right like counter steering. Youll get a feeling like you can tickle w your aim like grabbing it w both sticks. Finetune w left stick but also use right stick intuitively together with it.It is still hard but you get some surprise intuitive moments. Mix up some slow motion of mindful pointing w just doing your thing by feeling. Also you cud try just right stick slowely gradually between 2 points which speeds up in no time once you have it kind of. Then add shooting with the above exercice and get good at preaiming w right stick where u can also move beteen 2 points. There is also drawing diagonal lines in different directions and angles like down right in a way that connects one target with another which is always different angles

  2. Nice tutorial.
    Guys, I have a problem with one of my Dualshock 3 controllers. This one's analog sticks are not sensitive enough. I gotta push the right analog stick fully to the direction I want to move the view . This makes the aiming move too much and eventually miss my target. If I move the right stick a little bit, the view wouldn't move at all. I don't have this problem with my other one. And they are rough too. If anyone has a solution, please help. I've adjusted sensitivity settings in game and the situation is worse. The view moves too much. Pls help if u can

  3. учитывая внизу экрана кнопки C и V и 3,4, сто пудов с клавы понты колотит. А не с геймпада как разглагольствует. Иначе там бы были кнопки с геймпада.

  4. Consoles got Auto-Aim.
    So, console players, you don't need any aiming tips from this guy.
    As for the PC player, you guys have M&K 😀 don't get any closer to your controller, or even think about using it when it comes to battlefield.

  5. I don't understand this game..
    We run towards each other I aim, before I pull the trigger he just kills me
    Or I attack someone empty the whole magazine on him and he turns,kills me with few bursts
    I dont get it
    They really need to fix this game!!

  6. When i aim at someone i am shooting him ok? But suddenly i get so nervous my thumb automaticaly move the right stick away from the target godamnit i need to fix that

  7. I go all the time doing ready ups I got a little better but I cant understand how is it I have a 6x scope they would have iron sites but they land every shot and I can barley see them. Somethings not right.

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