BATTLEFIELD 4 (PS4) – Road to Max Rank – Live Multiplayer Gameplay #700 – HOUR OF POWEEERR!

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My Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay with live commentary. Enjoy!
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43 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD 4 (PS4) – Road to Max Rank – Live Multiplayer Gameplay #700 – HOUR OF POWEEERR!

  1. love this game, it's pretty much all i play on PS4, i don't get the chance to play much but am finally starting to get reasonable at it. still surprised how little communication there is between teams, you would think a game this big there would be more chatter of where snipers are etc

  2. Eu tenho o Baterfield 4 o original e outros Baterfield, posso garantir que nao e este grafico que voces estao vendo foram baseados na realidade da guerra e neles nao tem nada de postas joga quem quiser jogar. (PAMAJ)

  3. 1 Isto e um jogo de aposta aonde so um ganha Microsofyty 2 O regulamento deles e somente para maiores de 18 anos,.Segundo as leis jogos de apostas envolvendo videogame e ilegal, pode inclusive da cadeia se a identidade de voces for descobertos.(PAMAJ)

  4. Love it & I prefer the igla n AA mine combo …stab the AA mine then lock n hopefully he puffs smoke ..if not maybe an experienced pilot if so …keep locking & unlocking to mess w em …bait em in pissed off style for a kamikaze run …take quick cover …AA mine hit …then get lock & finish em off …either way …stingers are for Mav's …if only use igla s on heli's …i just shot down 10 heli's in 1 round 3 days in a row …2 heli's w AA mine kill alone …fun …Salty Admins Kicked me for doing it each time …hard kicked …do they not realize that's a felony w up to 15,000 fcc fine & they can lose servers ..tsssk tsssk tsssk
    I've only reported if they Ban me for fair game play …not even a salty admin message …spineless …We'll if they didn't baser ape n steal our choppers I wouldn't have made a point to shoot them down ..over 20,000 Eng points lol 24-3 last time 🙂 hey nacho …I formally challenge U to the CS5 master challenge w JGM 3.4x or 4x
    Not acog 4x good luck n happy hunting …u may use flash hider or muzzle break …Peace bruh
    Always good 🙂 Gg

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