45 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 | PS4 PRO

  1. You're playing Team Deathmatch might as well go play Call of Duty using a mouse and keyboard fuck off and go play PC I got 85009 kills and if I ever run across your ass and taking your fucking dog tags

  2. Hey Maf this might be a stupid question but I'm new to battlefield, how do you have that red and blue hit marker and also how do you have such low recoil?
    Thanks and nice video:)

  3. See, that’s kind of what made me scurry away from the PS4 version of BF4 when I first tried it out out of curiosity, considering that it was already owned on my pre owned account. Engineers were pulling out their RPGs a lot more than us PC players. I don’t know if that’s just me though, or if that’s really a death match thing (since I played literally only deathmatch on that version for a couple days), but it was still a bit unbearable.

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