Battlefield 4 – Pro Tips: Basic Tactics 101 (Mini-map, Reloading & Cover)

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Hey guys it’s been a long time since we have done a pro tips video so I figured we would start out with some of the basics.

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27 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 – Pro Tips: Basic Tactics 101 (Mini-map, Reloading & Cover)

  1. Hey Level, I really enjoy going back to these videos every now and then to brush up on the basics. I know the fundamentals are generally the same, but have you ever thought about doing a similar series or set of videos for BFV or even BF1? Thank you, and keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks just got battlefield 4 premium edition for $11.99 got a lil bored with cod n still getting used too BF1 but since I loved battlefield 3 I decided to get bf4 ??

  3. Damn levelcap. It’s been awhile, I missed your videos. Now that I have “some” free time I’ll be back to gaming and visiting your channel more often. It’s always been too stuff. Thanks and keep it going!

  4. I would say a good tip to add is that when you do not have a shot on an enemy due to cover, distance, etc…don't take the shot and give away your position. Either move up on the guy or spot him for your team mates. I have seen so many people see someone that would be hard to kill yet they fire and then give away their position and get slaughtered afterwards. Sometimes it is best to spot target and then continue going towards you objective.

  5. Everything you said is true, … On Paper that is, …yes, you can take these tips as things that you might have the chance to perform. However, in reality, these can't work every time, in fact, they sometimes never do.

    I still think that these are great tips, but if reality is programmed to be so, but if it was, No one will play the game, LoL.

    This is actually applied to everything in life, so I I know that these are " Things that you can do, if possible, at certain situations " type of amazing advises, so don't worry, I'm not being an ass*ole, LooL.

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