Battlefield 4 PC Required/Recommended Specs Revealed

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27 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 PC Required/Recommended Specs Revealed

  1. this will make you laugh, even though I keep telling dad to upgrade to windows 7 he insists on running vista, his computer is pretty decent but it lags like no tomorrow because it has vista on it πŸ˜› probably also because he hasn't done a proper re-install of windows at all (got his computer in 2007/08) doesn't defrag or have a cleaning program that gets rid of dead links and what not, I think I should have a chat to him again about upgrading hhmmmmmm…

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  3. Not if they are running at 5 Mhz. That tech is back from the 70's. And the reason I say this is because no one who has OC'ed their processor and runs water cooling while also has 2 gtx Titans will make a mistake and say CPU clocks are in terms of Mhz. The kid is lying about an overkill build to attempt to show off.

  4. are u high amd cpu are way better bang for your buck than 3 to 5 hundred dollar cpus. the only good intel bang for your buck is the 3570 i5 and still the 8350 beats it. but i agree two titans are a waste of money.

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