Battlefield 4 | PC | Handcam Gameplay | Zowie FK1

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►Mouse: Zowie FK1 @ 400dpi
►Ingame: 6%

►My Settings BF4:

►My Settings BF1:

►My Battlelog:

►My Twitter:

►My Platoon for friends and fans:

►Animations by:

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41 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 | PC | Handcam Gameplay | Zowie FK1

  1. Just some more handcam footage. Very clever to show how to control recoil without the cam. Sadly didnt knew the storage was full before I finished the match.

  2. Is it just me or is PC easier to use then console I'm not trying to gloat here but I'm pretty damn good on battlefield, especially battlefield 4 & I am pretty good on console but it seems like PC is much easier?

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